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About Coach Pete
Peter  Heymann


I have found that it's the small steps of change that lead to real, substantive breakthroughs, and transformations
Peter Heymann
Life Coach
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Pete brings to his life coaching practice a diverse background in family counseling, group leadership, and business communications.

Pete ran a youth counseling program for five years before taking his people and communications skills to a 30 year career in sales and marketing. Pete knows business and career management from real-life experience.

During his 30+ year marketing career, Pete devoted time to a powerful community-based counseling program. For over 12 years he was a highly trained volunteer counselor and then instructor, providing services to people who otherwise could not access counseling. Pete also supplemented his coaching skills through private training, rounding out his experience and a system for truly transforming lives.

The combination of Pete’s experience as a highly trained community counselor and instructor, running a youth counseling center, a father of two grown sons, a husband of 38+ years and his corporate marketing career provide the rich career and life experience he brings to his Break-Through Career and Life Coaching practice.
Pete's mission is to provide guidance to people seeking positive change to live the life they love.


University of Connecticut
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Sociology and Political Science
Urban and Community Studies: Urban Semester Program

The Urban Semester Program offers students a tremendous opportunity for service learning and public service.  This unique semester-long program combines classroom study, service learning through an internship, and urban living in the state’s capital.

Participants in the program, are offered the opportunity to work in the heart of the city’s human services, government agencies, community and non-profit organizations.  Interns address issues facing the city, ranging from education to homelessness and youth issues, the criminal justice system and the changing welfare system.  Internships have been in school-related programs, shelters, advocacy organizations, political offices, state and local government and many other settings.


Genesis Youth Counseling Center
Center Director, 5 years

Genesis was a personal growth and activities youth program and center. We offered personal growth discussion groups for groups of teens in New Canaan, CT. Although New Canaan is one of the wealthiest towns in America, our program was typically for the "non wealthy" or townies. Typical teens struggling with identity, drugs, school, friends and family issues. I was the Director of Genesis and I formed an alliance with another program in the County called Center Stone.

We combined to staff offices in the Junior and Senior High Schools in New Canaan. These were drop-in offices for kids to drop in and talk about any issues that were on their minds or causing difficulties. In addition to the drop-in offices and personal growth groups, we offered individual counseling sessions as needed for the kids as well as organized trips to amusement parks and camping / hiking trips with groups of teens. The last 2 years I ran Genesis, I combined our program under the umbrella of a large county social service agency called Child and Family Services. With this affiliation I got supervision and support from the senior level Social Work staff running the larger agency.
Paula Y.
I first met Peter Heymann when I was 14 years old. He was 1 of the 3 counselors at youth options connected to my high school. I would speak to Pete, and although he would never let me get away with anything, he would not be condescending in getting to the truth of what is going on for me. For a young man who didn't have kids and never went camping to take a trip with 2 adults and 2 dozen teens on a camp out was a true testimony of his dedication in learning more about his new chosen field. I was so glad when I reunited with him 38 years later, and have been having coaching sessions with him for over a year now.

VCS Inc., New City, NY
Volunteer Counselor, 10 years
Counseling services for individual men, group facilitation for men groups, and facilitator / instructor for the Domestic Violence Program for Men.

Supervisor / Instructor, 3 years
Supervisor / Facilitator of the Domestic Violence Program for Men, Court Liaison.

Supervisor on staff for 4 years in the agency's Community Change Project co-facilitating the Domestic Violence Program for Men. These were sessions or classes for court-ordered men who committed domestic violence acts. Pete took several trainings in the DVPM and helped co-facilitate presentations to a wide range of community organizations such as police departments, probation, parole, and social service groups.

To be a volunteer counselor for 10 years with VCS is commendable.  To advance to supervisor, instructor and on staff positions as Pete did, demonstrates an extraordinary level of skill and acuity.

About VCS Inc.:
Since 1970, VCS Inc. of Rockland County, New York, has pioneered the innovative use of community lay people to do high-level counseling for clients with a wide range of serious social problems.  Founded by a group of family court judges in New York state, who were concerned that many families seeking aid through their courts needed more counseling assistance.  Many clients have limited economic resources, are hard to engage, and require a great deal of outreach.  Others appear to need years of patient support to work through multiple problems.  These clients have become the specialty of VCS.

Volunteer counselors go through a rigorous selection process with a series of interviews and pre-training before even entering the training program. Just a few of the criteria for acceptance include: college and even post-graduate degrees, flexibility, nonjudgmental, and whether the interviewer feels at ease with the candidate.  Upon acceptance, they commit to ongoing training as well as volunteer counselor hours clients.


Maura Leon, Inner Light Coaching, 1 year
Peter was coached for a year by Maura Leon of Inner Light Coaching, part of Successful Communications Inc. She is the coach to life coaches, and trained Pete in how to start the coaching career and practice he had wanted to do for many years.

A series of comprehensive personal development programs. Completion of:
Landmark Forum
Advanced Forum
Self Expression and Leadership
Communication Programs:
Access to Power
The Power to Create

Currently enrolled in the 12 month Team Leadership Training program.


Founder, Undoing Racism Community Outreach Hudson Valley
Community Outreach Program that gives a voice on the subject of Race, Equality and Social Justice.

Citizen Action of New York in Hudson Valley
A grassroots membership organization taking on big issues that are at the center of transforming society.  A part of eight chapters and affiliates in New York state that share the same goals.

Causes Pete cares about:

  • Social Services
  • Politics
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Civil Rights and Social Action